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an update

I wanted to thank all of you who prayed for my supervisor’s son earlier this summer. He is back home from the hospital at last, having successfully made it through a liver transplant and avoided a bone marrow transplant despite the life-threatening complications that almost necessitated it. My supervisor is still clearly worried about his son as the recovery is at this point a long, slow process – but he’s also so glad to be past that time of acute danger, when death hovered overhead and shadowed every conversation. There was no brain damage as far as they can tell at this point, and he’s getting back into school and academic work even though he can’t actually go back in person until his immune system is cleared for that kind of germ exposure 🙂 So thank you again for your prayers! It is such a huge relief for all of us to see things steadily improving after such a long time of fear and unknowing.

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