the littles

With some inspiration from my brother, I’ve given pseudonyms for my children taken from different types of poetry. It’s similar to calling them by their first initials because that’s how I chose which types of poetry to use 🙂 I have a special place in my heart for poetry as it relates to my children, because in the earliest days of motherhood, when my oldest refused to sleep and I would pace the house with him to try to calm him down, I found that poetry more than song would relax and console him. So I memorized poetry, almost frantically, in the last few weeks of my maternity leave, so that I could just recite the words to him as we walked, and let the rhythms soothe him. Anyway, on to the introductions!

Rondel (6): my first child, the boy who made me a mother, sensitive, empathetic, shy, and silly – the high needs baby who endured my postpartum depression while we endured the sleepless nights and the seemingly irrational tears and needs; who grew into a thoughtful and intelligent, though easily-overwhelmed toddler, learning to navigate a big confusing world with grace and confidence; and then an imaginative and emotional preschooler constantly asking questions, testing boundaries, and starting to help around the house in meaningful ways. He’s in 1st grade this year, which is totally crazy, and it is so exciting to watch him learn and explore the world around him. His current love is animals, in any shape or form!

Limerick (4.5): my second boy: a determined and persevering baby who never gave up once he’s decided to do something, who wanted to do everything he sees his big brother doing, and who put up with the affection, abuse, and avoidance alternately inflicted upon him by said big brother. As a toddler he was much the same, although his mischievous side has grown and he’s more likely to antagonize his brother instead of simply adoring him. From 18 months he has loved numbers more than anything else, and can still happily spend all day drawing numbers, playing pattern and math games, and figuring out math problems. He’s in kindergarten this year and is having a lot of fun learning how to decode words as well as numbers!

Aubade (2.5): my daughter, a happy and content baby, observant and curious, interested in objects around her far earlier than her brothers were, ever-ready to break forth in smiles, and possessed of an amazing ability to focus her concentration and attention for long periods of time to the exclusion of the chaos around her. As a toddler she is determined, opinionated, and passionate, always trying to keep up with her brothers and do what I’m doing around the house. She is always up to go out somewhere and do something active, or to jump into a world of imagination and pretend, or to roughhouse and wrestle 🙂 She is wild and fierce on the one hand, sweet and loving on the other – it’s quite the dramatic rollercoaster sometimes!

One thought on “the littles

  1. Hello,

    I do not know how I got into LITTLE THOUGHTS

    [I am thinking you were probably on Twitter in the Friday Blog Share].

    and I am glad that I did.

    Really enjoying the ownvoices reviews; especially the one about Nova and the UNKINDNESS OF GHOSTS.

    And the Lithium one too.

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