about the author

I am the mom of three beautiful children (Rondel, Limerick, and Aubade), married to a good man who doesn’t yet have a blog nickname. In this season of our lives I work outside the home while my husband finishes his degree and does the bulk of the childcare (with help from my mom, who graciously gives up her free time for us). The deepest desire of my heart is to know God more fully, to love Him more truly, and to be holy as He is holy; my faith is not a private inner state that exists solely for my own comfort, but something that colors my vision of the world, informs my choices, and permeates my thoughts. As God is making all things new, so I want to make my world more beautiful, more saturated with grace, more illuminated by the truth – suffused with wonder, anchored by peace, held on course by the order and routine of the daily pursuit of holiness.

These are the random meditations of my heart.