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Remembering grace in a busy season

It has been a long summer.

Work has been a lot busier than normal, and my supervisor has been out for most of the summer, so I’ve been working pretty substantial amounts of overtime most weeks. While I really do enjoy my job, it is hard for me and for Paul when I need to put in extra hours – it cuts into our time together and our time for sleep, leaving us feeling tired and overwhelmed.

On top of that, I’ve had trouble keeping up with my body’s changing demand for thyroid hormone, as I’ve hit the second trimester and my weight gain has accelerated. Every 4 or 5 weeks when I go in, my dosage has been increased – but my lab results don’t look any better (and even look worse) the next time around. So my mind and body have been operating at a slower speed than normal, and by the time dinner is done I am ready to fall asleep. All my normal “leisure activities” (like reading, writing, photo-editing, and crafting) have totally fallen to the side!

And along with the boys I’m starting to have a bit of cabin fever from being cooped up from the heat. This must be how Northeasterners feel at the end of a long winter… but honestly I’m just tired of having to do some sort of water play to make even the mornings bearable. The boys have so much energy all the time; Rondel especially just wants to run and run and run. So we go out early in the morning and again before bedtime, and I try to take them to spashpads, so they can move as much as little boys need to move. It has been nice lately that the monsoons are coming in, and the rain has cooled everything down a bit (at least for a few hours at a time, anyway).

I suppose all of this is just meant to be an excuse for not writing as much lately… it’s really been a good time, just a busier time than normal 🙂 I’ve gotten to learn and stretch myself a lot at work, we’ve introduced puzzles with the boys to their great delight, and my husband has still managed to do really well in his classes and network with his professors. I’ve still had good time for prayer and Bible reading, thanks to the light rail, and that has been a huge blessing and a source of strength when I’m really tired.

So there is a lot to be thankful for! And this is what I’m going to try to remember, and focus on, when I’m worn out and another day of responsibilities is starting: that God’s mercy and compassion are also new every morning, and that His grace is sufficient for my needs.

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