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prayer for a new day

Sometimes the best prayers are short and simple, expressing in a few words what I struggle to communicate, capturing the essence of what I desire to offer to God and become in Christ without turning into a litany of praises or requests. And first thing in the morning, when I’m foggy from too-little sleep and worried about the day to come, a simple prayer can remind me of the perspective that truly matters.

“At the dawn of a new day, fill us with your mercy,
That the whole day may be a day of joy and praise.” – from the Divine Office

Isn’t that such a beautiful way to look at the beginning of a new day? That we may be filled with God’s mercy and so live out the day in joy and praise – that we may be filled with Christ and thus live in Christ and for Christ – that our unity with Him may be increased, that all the good that is in Him might be in us and in the world through us.

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