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Is God’s love enough?

Oh I’m running to your arms
I’m running to your arms
The riches of your love
Will always be enough
Nothing compares to your embrace
Light of the world forever reign

These are the type of lyrics that often send me into a defensive, guilty tailspin. If the riches of God’s love are really enough for me, really sufficient for me, why do I still need and crave other things? Why is the love and companionship of others so essential if all I should need is God’s love? And why do I need doctors or medicines or therapists if His love alone will “always be enough”?

But what I realized this morning is that all those things – family, friends, books, food, music, nature, and yes, even psychiatric medicines – are expressions, manifestations, gifts of His love, His love itself overflowing abundantly into our world and our lives. There should be no shame in enjoying or even needing those things; they are blessings of the goodness of God poured out for us. Accepting that help doesn’t mean we don’t trust God enough, but rather that we are humble enough to accept His help and love in whatever way it comes, however mundane and through whatever human conduit.

His love is indeed always enough; it just doesn’t always appear the way we think it should.

2 thoughts on “Is God’s love enough?

  1. Surrendering yourself before Him is the main thing. I think we don’t know how to surrender ourselves!

    1. Well, given that we’re not perfect creatures, it makes sense we are unable to fully and perfectly surrender ourselves to God! But I think an important first step is simply receiving His love in whatever form it takes, and recognizing it as His. That love then transforms us to live the Christian life, in surrender and (in more explicitly Biblical language) as sacrifice to Him.

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