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Preschool aggression

On the way home from church on Sunday Rondel very seriously let me know that he needed to talk to me about something that happened; having had such talks after Sunday School in the past with him, when I could tell something was bothering him, I expected it to be a story of some social altercation that didn’t end up going well, and I was right.

First of all, he told me that another boy had kicked him.

“What happened right before he kicked you?” I asked.

“I kicked him!” he announced.

Cue head shake. Of course a preschooler is going to kick you after you kick him!

After some more probing we unearthed that the other boy had gotten close to Rondel while he was playing, and Rondel didn’t want him to be there and so kicked him to make him move. Ok, fairly typical of a 3-year-old, but not ideal. I wish one of the leaders could help guide him through those situations instead of letting his insecurity and overstimulation get the better of him and turn all his social interactions sour 😦 I just don’t know whether to laugh because it’s normal behavior, or worry about his aggression and his potential to make friends!

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