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no one gets excited about birthdays like a little kid

July is an busy time of year for birthdays in my extended family: my brother is on the 5th, Rondel is on the 11th, and my grandmother is on the 14th. It’s especially exciting this year because it’s my grandma’s 80th birthday and we’re spending some time with her for the occasion, so the birthday celebration is much larger and more immediate than normal!

With his understanding of the concept of a birthday greatly increased from last year, Rondel has thrown himself into the family celebrations with great gusto. When we all sang Happy Birthday to my brother, Rondel was so excited that he got up and ran around the room in circles through the whole song, and then proceeded to watch and “help” my brother open his presents. Just this morning, when Bisa Carmen came over and we asked him if he wanted to sing to her, he circled the room 5 or 6 times singing “happy birthday to you!” at the top of his voice with such a big smile that he couldn’t help laughing from sheer happiness at the end of every phrase.

He’s been reaping the benefits of visiting extended family around his birthday, too, with extra cake and presents at multiple events along the way (although he somehow now thinks he had two birthdays instead of one and should thus be four years old instead of three).

But at his birthday party back at home, which was going to be just a fun playdate with the cousins with swimming and cake thrown in, he was too tired and sick to really enjoy the festivities.

sick kid sitting up just long enough to blow out the candles
With a little help from Daddy 🙂

Limerick and the cousins played while Rondel rested on the couch, and he didn’t have the appetite to eat any of his birthday cake.

Not that he didn’t still have some fun, but it was more toned down. If we hadn’t been leaving to visit the extended family the next day, I would have postponed the party, but it wasn’t logistically doable.

So, I am glad the celebration was able to continue into the vacation, so he could have the full birthday joy – both on the giving and the receiving end.

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