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Limerick doing dishes

If Limerick hears water running, he is there in seconds begging to be included.

When my husband goes out in the morning to water the garden, Limerick bursts into violent tears if the back door shuts him out.

When I turn on the bathtub faucet to get in the shower, Limerick is somehow immediately there frantically trying to climb in.

And whenever anyone attempts to wash the dishes, he clamors to be lifted up to “do dishes!” too, throwing himself at us and the counter until we set him up by the sink.

tucked between the sink and the drying rack, surrounded by towels to catch the overflow!

Because he loves “helping” with the dishes so much, we usually let him continue to play with the sink after all the dishes are actually clean, giving him a few bowls and cups to fill and pour, and he will contentedly occupy himself with those things while Rondel and I clean other nearby parts of the house or prepare dinner – so it is really quite a useful thing!





Besides which, the practice of balancing the full cups and bowls, and the dexterity required to pour them out into another bowl, is really quite valuable for fine motor development.

And he’s just so cute doing it 🙂



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