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letters or words?

Both of the boys have an interesting pronoun confusion where they use second-person pronouns to refer to themselves and first-person pronouns to refer to other people – so for instance, Limerick will say “Hold you!” when he wants to be picked up, and Rondel will say “You want more ice and water!” when he’s thirsty.

For a while I had just been modeling correct language and reading lots of books, hoping that they would catch on, but while I noticed Rondel modeling the right use of pronouns when making his toys dialogue with each other (imitating the books, I suppose), it didn’t change his personal speech or conversation. So lately my mom and I have been gently correcting him and letting him know the right way to say what he wants to say, or prompting him to fix the pronouns himself by asking him who he’s talking about. I’m not particularly worried about it; it’s just a habit that needs to be straightened out so he can talk to people outside of the family without completely confusing them 🙂

This weekend, I overheard him talking to someone else in his usual mixed-up way – then all of a sudden there was a pause, and he muttered to himself,

“No – need to use different letters!”

And then he said it again using “I” instead of “you” – or in his mind, using “I” instead of “U”!

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