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Limerick being silly

This little guy is one of the jolliest babies I know – he always seems to have a smile or a laugh ready, and he’s already got quite a sense of humor.


Yesterday afternoon he was diligently capping and uncapping some pens, and ended up with the lid to an orange pen but not the pen itself. The pen was sitting on the ground in front of him, by his right foot which was tucked in, but he kept overlooking it. So he looks up from his capping and asks, “other half orange one?”

“Is it right in front of you?” I ask.

Looking by his outstretched left leg he says, “nope!”

“Is it by your toes?” I ask next.

Reaching out to the toes of his left foot, he picks up his whole foot by the toes and then proclaims, “nope!”

At this point I’m not really sure what to say, so I wait for him to keep looking on his own a bit longer before simply telling him, “It’s right next to your other foot, Limerick!”

To which he responds by picking up the toes of his right foot and declaring, “nope!” once again.

I totally lost it. I mean, I fell over on the floor I was laughing so hard, and Limerick ended up deciding that hysterical mommy on the hallway floor was much more entertaining then a bunch of pens anyway, so he came over and sat on me.

I have a strong suspicion that he knew where that pen was the whole time and was having fun seeing what would happen if he pretended he couldn’t find it 🙂 These boys – they bring such silliness to my life and I absolutely love it.

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