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a quick request for your prayers

If you all wouldn’t mind saying a quick prayer for my grandpa, I would really appreciate it. My uncle found him at his home today post-stroke and while it looks like he’ll be able to recover fully, it’s still pretty scary and definitely hard for him. He’s in his 70s and has never had a stroke before so this was totally unexpected – he’s always been the grandparent I’ve felt would live forever because he’s so active and healthy.

It is especially hard for my mom and some of her siblings who live out of state (he’s in New York) and thus can’t be there with him right now. Her family is very close and my grandpa means a lot to everyone, so they would probably be grateful for your prayers as well.

And finally, I don’t know where my grandpa’s faith is at this point in his life and I’m worried about him approaching eternity without a solid foundation. Please, if you’re praying for him, pray for his soul and his relationship with Jesus just as much as for his physical health.

Thank you all so much.

(Some pictures of my grandpa from last summer when we took the boys to visit my extended family in New York)


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