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gentle sleep and bedtime battles

A few weeks ago I wrote about the beginnings of our night-weaning journey with Limerick and I can now say confidently that it is going really, really, well. Our new routine has endured through a 5 day, 104 degree fever as well as through the cutting of two molars, and last night Limerick didn’t even ask to nurse before falling asleep. He knew he was tired, and had asked to go to bed when we were playing as a family downstairs, but I was still surprised when I gave him the option of nursing or turning the light off and getting his water bottle that he replied, “light off, bottle!”

So that’s what I did – I gave him his bottle, turned the light off, turned the music on, and lay down next to him on the bed, and he fell asleep. Wow. I’m still amazed at his ability to go to sleep so easily! And he slept until 1:15, for a stretch of 5.5 hours straight! This is probably not a big deal to anyone who night weaned or sleep trained at an earlier age, but for my nighttime snugglers and nursers, this is huge. Honestly, I think he would have slept longer if he hadn’t needed a new diaper, because he went right back to sleep after I changed him.

Now my bedtime issues have swiveled back to Rondel, who has decided that nighttime is not a good time, and that being in bed is akin to being locked up in prison. I’m rather at a loss for how to structure his days and evenings so that bedtime isn’t a battle, since he’ll keep protesting even when he’s so exhausted he can hardly keep his eyes open. Any ideas from the more experienced moms out there?

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