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silly kids being kids

The dishwasher rack made it outside for a day, as the accessory and prop to many different pretend plays:


Shortly thereafter I replaced it into the dishwasher and the boys haven’t pulled it out again yet, so I suppose the novelty has worn off a bit. It was a bit of a large and obtrusive play thing so I don’t mind it being back in it’s rightful home and out of my hallway!

(With regards to these pictures – I found the old kit lens that came with my camera and while it is really sensitive to poor lighting, it is really nice for close-up shots as it can get down to 18mm, as opposed to my main shooting lens which is a fixed-width at 50mm. Unfortunately, unless I’m in bright sunlight it distorts and washes out the colors to a certain extent. I’ve been simultaneously enjoying the flexibility of the wide-angle option in the often small and enclosed places we occupy, and remembering why I had put the lens away in a drawer in the first place…)

Sometimes I can follow what the boys are doing, like when they count stone and grass squares as they hop on them,


or dance around and around in circles until they (pretend to) fall down (with little brother watching and doing his best to follow the leader),


but sometimes I just really have no idea what is going on inside their heads:


At least I know that every day will hold something new or unexpected 🙂 I know that whether the boys have fun playing together or whether they have to work through conflicts, whether they are happy little explorers or clingy sad babies, whether we deal with each other with patience and grace or tightly restrained frustration, each day is an adventure we will have together, a time to learn and love and grow together. And I love them, and they love me – my life is so full of blessings.

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