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sick baby

We had a rather frightening virus (most likely) settle in on Limerick earlier this week – his temperature kept going up to around 104 every time his fever reducers started to wear off, for about 4 straight days. The third day was a Monday so I took him in to the doctor’s office, where they measured his fever at 104.4 (so nice to have proof that the fever really is as high as you claim – they never seem to believe me otherwise). Flu and strep tests both came back negative, and fortunately the fever cleared up Wednesday morning so our best guess is a virus (and not a highly contagious one at that, thankfully).

Limerick spent most of his time nursing, sleeping, and wanting to be held, but when his meds were keeping his temperature down his buoyant nature bubbled back up and he did his best to keep up with Rondel like normal.

He pulled a stool up to our piano all on his own and spent a relatively cheerful 15 minutes making music while Rondel sang along 🙂



His little face was still so tired and sad though 😦 It’s quite nice to have him feeling himself again and running around wreaking havoc all over the place!

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