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{pretty, happy, funny, real} – sister time!

For the link-up at LMLD this week I have the pictures from my sister’s visit from Seattle! It was so nice to have the whole family together for a few days, enjoying each other’s company.



Just look at those beautiful fat baby cheeks! Limerick may be short but he isn’t lacking when it comes to rolls of plumpness.



My sweet little sister playing with Rondel – he took to her right away despite his typical reservations around new people – maybe he remembered her from his infancy, or picked up on the love and family vibe going around. Either way it made me so happy to see them together, two of the people I love most in the whole world.


And another happy! My sister’s husband acting silly for the benefit of the baby 🙂 Funny how babies always seem to bring out the ridiculous and disarmingly un-self-conscious side in people.



And when it comes to funny things babies do? Apparently Limerick decided that beer would be a tasty and appropriate substitute for his normal milk and water! Watch out dear Auntie!


For the real I don’t actually have a picture, just a confession – these pictures are from way back in June! I just finally uploaded them onto my computer this week. But the joy of spending so much time together was too good to pass up on posting, despite the delay.


2 thoughts on “{pretty, happy, funny, real} – sister time!

  1. Sister visits are the best! Especially when that sister is the aunt to your children! I’m blest to have one of my sisters close by and her visits never fail to get the entire family excited! 🙂
    Love the baby cheeks in the first picture!

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