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happy birthday to my husband

Today is this wonderful man’s birthday:


My beloved husband, the father of my children, one of the most caring, appreciative, and hard-working men I know.

Every day I see and am thankful for his deep, deep love – love for me, for the boys, and above all for God. I am thankful for his compassionate and thoughtful heart; for the way he notices needs and meets them tirelessly and without seeking attention for it; for the common sense wisdom he shares with me, bringing abstract ideas to life and fruition in the tangible, practical world of everyday life; for his skills and strengths that are so different and complementary to my own.

I see the tender joy on his face when he’s holding one of the babies.


I see the effort he makes to be a positive force in their lives, bringing them happiness and being goofy with the boys even when he’s tired, worried, or discouraged.


I see the strength and faithfulness with which he shoulders all his responsibilities as a husband and father, and the love with which he takes on burdens above and beyond those to give someone else (whether it be a family member, a classmate, or a stranger) a helping hand.


I know you may not be where you pictured yourself being at thirty, but who you are – who God is shaping you to be as you seek Him, who I have seen you growing to be over the last five years, is a beautiful and wonderful thing: a man of godly character, a man who is truly God’s.

Happy birthday, my love, and here’s to many more years together!

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